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In need of some live concert footage? Give me a call and leave my name at the door! Whether you want to engage your online following, reach a new audience, or record your music for posterity, the first step is to get your performance on film! Well, memory card anyway....

Commission a social media ad that will capture your audience amid a sea of memes. The hottest social media tool is the short, subtitled videos that get right to the point. Stay on the leading edge of media with your own viral-ready video.

Wedding photography comes in a variety of styles, and price points, but if you're looking for simple documentation of your big day at a price that won't strap your budget, look no further. We charge a fraction of the price quoted by local frontrunners in the Utica-Rome market. While we won't be there eight hours early with a drone to film you brushing your teeth, we will capture your vows and celebration to share with distant family, remind you of the day, and maybe show your future kiddos!

Whether you're looking to commemorate a graduation, a retirement, or a life well-lived, we can turn your photos and home videos into a montage that will honor the occasion. Supply us with 10-15 photos per minute of desired video and we will digitize them, arrange them, and sync them to music of your choosing. Your video will be delivered on DVD, along with your original photos and a CD of their digital counterparts. Let us know if you'd like to share online, and we'll help you deliver your video however you like.

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